He's a 12 year old boy who does great in school, has a natural talent for golf and baseball, and loves to play the Kinect and Wii with his family.  But it’s not his many talents that make this kid so special, it’s the way he adores his mom, would turn down any play date to cut grass with his dad, and how he takes great pride in his little brother Conner that makes him one of a kind.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s got the average 12 year old boy attitude now and again, but his sweetness and the love he shows for others is why he holds such a special place in so many of our hearts.  

In a few short weeks Parker went from a perfectly healthy boy to desperately needing a liver transplant due to a virus that began killing his liver.  As time was running out, his father unselfishly prepared to give his first son part of his own liver.  But hours before the surgery, Parker's family learned they'd found a liver match, and Parker was in surgery a few hours later receiving his most precious gift ever.  Within hours of the successful surgery, Parker's new liver was functioning perfectly, and his parents began to see their son come back to life.  With the hardest part behind him, Parker is now on the road to recovery, amazing everyone each day not only with his progress, but also his courage, strength and perseverance.  

This journey has been inspirational for so many, to watch God work as He brings family, friends and a community together to support and remind Parker and his family to have faith and to trust in Him.  As Parker begins his road to recovery, we continue to ask for Prayers for Parker and his family.  And, in support of Parker and to help with medical expenses, we are donating all proceeds from this app to Parker.  If you wish to give more, you can also donate to the PayPal account setup on this site.  

On behalf of Parker’s family and friends, thank you for your support.  I know Parker and his family feel extremely blessed by all of the love and support they've received over the last few weeks.  God Bless!

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